Mobile Apps Reviews

A cellular phone is no longer a gadget for mere verbal communication. Nowadays, this device has become a mini-computer. In spite of that, rather than open a browser on the smart phone in order to look for online content, you can download an app that will supply or refresh such content when it is opened. If you want to determine the weather, for instance, you can download and install some weather application and provide your zip code. As soon as the application is opened, you will see the weather info for such zip code. Video games, videos, newspapers, magazines and books all have downloadable apps on your smart phone.

Before you download any app, it is important to know its features first. Details are provided by the developer of an app, such as description, developer info, version history, privacy policy and the like. You will also have to determine what types of devices the app is compatible with, including iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Android and others. If you are interested to see the source code for an app - for example if you want to build a similar app - you can buy it on sites such as this. Note, however, that not all apps have the source code up for sale. So, for some apps you have no other option but to design it from ground up.

Now, for existing apps: if you get your app from Apple’s App Store, for example, you will find consumer ratings and reviews for it. The App Store will also allow you to see related applications, which were purchased by customers.

Reviews of mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

Quotes about Life App Review

Each of us has a different source of daily inspiration. Some people get inspiration from their romantic partners, while others, their families. Nowadays, a lot of people are fond of reading different quotes about life every day to keep themselves inspired. There are several websites offering a wide variety of quotations for free to their visitors. Some of these quotes talk about faith, life, love, happiness, family, friendship and success. You cannot get free access to these inspirational quotes only More...


Yelp is a free application available for both iPad and iPhone. This popular app is your “best friend” every time you search for an open pizza place, a nearby pub or a gas station to which you can drive before your automobile runs out of gasoline. You can use the app for finding places to play, relax, drink, shop and eat. It also enables you to read reviews coming from an active group of local residents having special information. Another More...

Swell Radio

The Swell Radio application allows you to listen to customized audio information and news free of charge from a mobile device. You can enjoy easy and fast access to limitless streaming audio out of iTunes, TED, NPR, CBC, ABC, BBC, ESPN and others. All you need to do is allow Swell to customize your entire audio experience in order that you can use less time for searching and greater time for enjoying any content that you are interested in. Listen More...